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Survival Field Training Instructor Subject Matter Expert (SME)

InovaTech Inc. anticipates the need to fill additional Full Spectrum Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Level C Instruction and instructional support positions at Fort Rucker, AL at the government request in the near future.  We have provided support to the Fort Rucker SERE program for the last 5+ years and are seeking the following individuals to support Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Program.

Survival Field Training Instructor Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The qualified employee will:

  •  Serve as SME conduct field training and/or SERE technical training IAW all applicable documents, publications, and references. Personnel will be proficient in all aspects of survival training (i.e., personal protection, building shelters and fires, preserving food and water, plant and wildlife, sanitation and hygiene practices, and personnel recovery tactics techniques and procedures)  Instructor will be proficient in the use of maps, compasses, and GPS, and have a working knowledge in the use of PR unique communications (i.e., Combat Survivor Evader Locator – CSEL Radio), as well as signaling and recovery devices. Instructors must be physically capable of operating in austere field conditions.
  • The Instructor will track, maintain, and update training logs, student hand-outs, and note-taking guides.
  • Conduct the In-Service Training Program for military cadre and Contractor instructor staff.
  • Assist with the development, maintenance, and implementation of new SERE training schedules.
  • Design, develop, and execute a continuous improvement process allowing for the improvement and implementation of internal and external logistical support requirements necessary to support the SERE training program, the U.S.  Army SERE School, and Fort Rucker.
  • Maintain SERE training facilities, and as required, SERE support facilities in clean and serviceable state; report facility issues to applicable government section personnel for submission of work orders, as appropriate.
  • Support range operations by assisting with ammunition handling, loading, unloading, and clean-up.
  • Be cognizant of, and in compliance with, the latest POI as well as DoD and Army-level Personnel Recovery and SERE training guidance and doctrine
  • Have the ability to prepare for critical course content and to instruct based upon lesson objectives and the capacity to motivate students based on these objectives

Required Qualifications

  • Graduate of DoD approved Level C SERE “High Risk” Course (e.g., Wartime) or able to complete the SERE-C course at      Fort Rucker (must meet physical screening requirements).
  • Possess or able to obtain an interim SECRET security clearance.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the customer requirements, US Citizenship is required.
  • If former military, must possess an honorable discharge.
  • No adverse UCMJ actions.
  • Undergo and pass initial psychological evaluation performed by the SERE clinical psychologist and annual medical physical.

Physical fitness requirements:

  •  Personnel need to be able to perform the following activities without restrictions or limitations on a daily basis:
  • Full active range of motion (FAROM) and muscle strength of 5/5 with strong resistance against gravity and examiner of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, and ankle joints. FAROM of cervical and lumbar spine.
  • Perform upper body pushing/pulling activities while holding up to 75 lbs of supported weight.
  • Perform upper body lateral pushing/pulling activities while holding up to 75 lbs of supported weight.
  • Lift, lower and reach overhead while holding up to 10 lbs of equipment.
  • Lift and carry 50lbs up to 50 meters/10 mins.
  • Lift and lower up to 75 lbs of supported weight vertically from shoulder height to ground or from ground to shoulder height.
  • Stand for 50 mins with 10 minute break.
  • Lift/carry 45 pounds and walk up to six (6) miles per day with a rucksack.
  • Be able to provide eight (8) to twelve (12) consecutive hours of instruction, most of which involves long periods of standing.
  • Be able to run with students on the break contact range and successfully negotiate barriers to evasion.
  • Able to physically work in austere field environments.

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