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Tutoring Policy

Tutoring is available free to all the students enrolled in InovaTech College of Business & Technology. To show his/her appreciation for this student service, the student must please keep in mind the following guidelines:

• The student must be enrolled in the course he/she wishes to be tutored.
• The student must present a valid photo ID.
• Tutoring appointments MUST be made in person. No appointments will be made over the telephone.
• Tutoring appointments for the same subject may not be consecutive, even if with different tutors. (Ex. The student may not have a 9:00am appointment followed by a 9:30am appointment for the same subject)
• Standing (permanent for the entire program) appointments may only be arranged by the tutor.
• If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment may be cancelled at the discretion of the tutor so that he/she can assist another student. If the student knows that he/she will be late, the tutor must be let known in advance.
• Each appointment is only 30 minutes long. If the student is late for the appointment, he/she will receive tutoring for the time remaining for his/her appointment.
• The students are asked to please have the questions they want to ask the tutor ready before the tutoring appointment.
• The students are required to bring their books, and any other class materials with them to their tutoring sessions.

If the students show up for their appointment on time, they should pay attention, take the tutors’ advice, and do the required assignments, statistically, they will improve their GPA.