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Program Completion, Leave of Absence, and Withdrawal Policy


It is the policy of InovaTech that each student must complete each program by attending all the classes in a program in a period of time equal to 150% of the clock hours corresponding to the program the student is enrolled in.


A student must request the leave of absence in writing prior to the beginning date of the leave of absence, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so. The Leave of Absence Request Form can be requested from the Registrar’s Office or the Director of Education. If a student does not request a leave of absence within a timeframe consistent with the institution’s consecutive absence policy, he or she will be withdrawn. Documentation of a student being withdrawn will be enclosed in the student file.

Documentation of a student being withdrawn will be enclosed in the student file. It is the InovaTech policy that the leave of absence cannot exceed 180 calendar days per one calendar year, or one-half of the published program length, whichever is shorter. Multiple leaves of absence are permitted if the total of the leaves does not exceed this limit. The students will not be charged any fees for Leave of Absence. An approved leave of absence may be extended for an additional period if the extension request meets all of the above requirements, and the total length of the leave of absence does not exceed the specified limit of 180 days. The student must complete and sign the Leave of Absence Request Form and specify a reason for the leave. The reason must be specified in order for the institution to have a reasonable expectation of the student’s return within the timeframe of the leave of absence as requested.

The Registrar or the Director of Education will certify the Request Form and the student will receive a copy of the signed form. The student must also attest to understanding the procedures and implications for returning to his/her course of study.


It is the policy of InovaTech that in case the student is dropped due to his/her absences of more than 20% of the length of one class, the Director of Education fills out the InovaTech Withdrawal Form and the student is considered dropped from the InovaTech Program. The refund policy will be applied as stated in the school catalog. The student will not be allowed to attend InovaTech classes in the future, without exceptions.

If students wish to withdraw from a program, they must notify the Director of Education in writing. Once notification is received, the refund of any tuition left will be refunded to the students and/or any third parties within 45 business days as noted in the Refund Policy.