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Student Code of Conduct

InovaTech College of Business & Technology reserves the right to maintain a safe and orderly training environment for students and staff. Therefore, when in the judgment of an InovaTech staff member, a student’s conduct disrupts or threatens to disrupt the learning environment, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken to restore and protect the orderliness of the InovaTech community.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with generally accepted standards of scholarship and conduct. The purpose of this code is not to restrict student rights but to protect the rights of all individuals in their academic pursuits.

While it is impossible to define every specific misbehavior that would qualify for disciplinary sanctions, the following lists a fair sample. Violation of one or more of these behaviors may prompt disciplinary sanctions up to and including expulsion without refund and, if necessary, legal sanctions:
1. Theft, intentional misuse, or willful damage to InovaTech College of Business & Technology property, theft of or vandalism to an InovaTech staff member’s property;
2. Use of intoxicants.
a. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or entering the parking lot of grounds while in a state of intoxication during an InovaTech College of Business & Technology training event or posted hours of operations;
b. Possession, us or distribution of any illegal drug(s), except as expressly permitted by law;
c. Any extraordinary behavior that may be attributed to the use of drugs or alcoholic beverages shall not in any way limit the responsibility of the individual for the consequences of his/her actions.
3. Lewd or indecent conduct, including but not limited to, presentation of sexually suggestive physical or verbal intentions, displaying however briefly obscene or libelous written or graphic materials while on the InovaTech College of Business & Technology premises to include parking lot;
4. Mental or physical abuse of any person on the InovaTech College of Business & Technology premises, including verbal or physical actions which threaten or endanger the health or safety of any such persons;
5. Any verbal or physical behavior which is of a sexually suggestive or harassing nature and which in any way interferes with a student’s or an employee’s performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.
6. Intentional obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration or disciplinary proceedings, or any other InovaTech College of Business & Technology activities, including public service functions, and other duly authorized activities on InovaTech College of Business & Technology premises;
7. Occupation or seizure, in any manner, of InovaTech College of Business & Technology property, or any portion thereof for a use inconsistent with prescribed, customary, or authorized use.
8. Possession or use of a firearm, knife, club, or other deadly weapon, incendiary device or explosive, except in connection with an InovaTech College of Business & Technology approved activity.
9. Setting off a fire alarm, or using, or tampering with any fire safety equipment, except with reasonable belief in the need for such alarm or equipment;
10. Gambling, in any format, to include online wagering;
11. Forgery, alteration, or misuse of InovaTech College of Business & Technology documents, records, or instruments of identification with reasonable intent to deceive;
12. Failure to comply with instructions of an InovaTech official action in performance of his or her duties;
13. Failure to pay for educational services rendered, to include passing worthless check; Violation of a local, state, or federal criminal law on InovaTech College of Business & Technology premises.