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Placement Policy

The Placement Policy applies only to graduates of the IT Certificate Programs. The Office of the Director of Education provides career services and resources to all students and alumni from the first course to graduation and beyond. The Office of the Director of Education guides and instructs students and alumni in the development of the skills necessary to obtain employment and work satisfaction, to succeed in a diverse and rapidly changing workforce, and to manage their life-long career strategies. InovaTech provides job posting and resume assistance.

This is a voluntary and free of charge program for students and alumnae. Students should make an appointment with the Director of Education for assistance with resumes or having the resume posted on one of several hiring networks available to the school.

Fees and Fees Acceptance Policy
It is InovaTech policy not to charge students or alumnae for resume and job placement assistance.

Placement File
Although not a requirement, we give our students and graduates the option to create a Placement File with us. This file would include an updated resume, and three letters of recommendation. The candidate may update the file at anytime with in the three year period by contacting InovaTech and providing written update material. Name and address changes, submitted by the candidate, will be made by InovaTech staff. Candidates may call or write in new information.
Candidates are strongly encouraged if at all possible to retain a copy of any letters of reference submitted to InovaTech for their own records. All letters of reference must be signed by the writer to be considered valid. InovaTech will not send out unsigned letters of references to an employer or graduate school.

Reading Letters of Reference/Recommendation
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 give the candidate the right to read letters of recommendation written on or after 1/1/75, unless the candidate has explicitly signed a waiver of right.

Employer Request: Employers may request a candidate’s file at no charge by: writing/faxing to our office on their letterhead stationery, calling the office, or by sending a personalized letter. The letter needs to specifically address the student for whom the file is requested.

Candidate’s Copy: Candidates may request a copy of their file for their personal records or to be sent to employers. Requests should be in writing in letter or email format. Again, confidential references cannot be shared with the candidate.

Job Listings

All positions listed with InovaTech are available by contacting the Director of Education Office.

Career Advising/Counseling
Professional assistance is available by appointment to discuss aspects of students/alumni career choice, search for employment or career changes.

Tracking Student Placement Policy
The InovaTech Placement Policy requires InovaTech to track the placement of its graduating students for a period of 1 year after the date of graduation. The procedure starts with the students filling out the Student Employment Information Form. The form will be filled out by each student during the first class in their program or as part of the Enrollment process. The form has not only the purpose of recording the current employer, but also the student’s intentions of waiving placement or becoming self-employed upon graduation.

If the student is employed, he/she is asked to provide the Registrar with the employer’s name and address. The student is also informed that the employer will be sent in the following 2-3 days upon student graduation an Employer Satisfaction Form to evaluate his/her performance based on the knowledge acquired at InovaTech.