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Attendance Policy


This attendance policy applies to all traditional instructor led courses. Regular class attendance is essential for Satisfactory Academic Progress when enrolled in classes/programs offered by InovaTech. Therefore, absences must be kept to a minimum. While stressing regular attendance, InovaTech College of Business & Technology simultaneously desires to allow students to develop a real sense of personal responsibility toward their studies.

This policy has been established for the benefit of students who are forced, because of reasons beyond their control, to miss classes.

1. Each student is expected to attend class regularly—at least 80 percent of all scheduled training hours.

2. The attendance per student per class will be monitored daily, it will be calculated daily, and filed weekly. The class instructors will provide the Admissions Office/Director of Education with the class attendance roster at the end of each training day. In addition, instructors will notify the Director of Education or the Admissions Office of tardies and early departures and these will be recorded in the class folder.

3. Students who miss the equivalent of 1 full day of training or reach the level of 90% attendance, will be contacted by either the instructor, the Admissions Office or the Director of Education. The contact will be done by phone or email and it will be documented in the student file.

4. If students continue to miss training and reach an attendance level of 85% of the training, the student will be contacted again by the instructor, the Admissions Office or the Director of Education and steps will be taken to counsel the student.

5. The automatic withdrawal policy for Certificate Programs and Continuing Education courses states that if absences exceed 20 percent or 2 full training days, the instructor will contact the Director of Education who will contact and counsel the student, and automatically withdraw the student from the course.

6. Tardy students or students leaving early interrupt the beginning of a training event. If a student enters the class after the faculty member has started the class, the student shall be recorded as being tardy. If the student leaves class before the end of the class day, that student will be recorded as leaving early. Minutes missed by arriving late or leaving early will be calculated in the cumulative attendance percentage. Tardiness is defined as arriving for the class after published start date in the syllabus. Early departures are defined as leaving the class before the published end time of the class in the syllabus.

7. No absence shall excuse a student from an announced test, quiz, or other assigned activity. Make-up of any test or missed work is at the discretion of the faculty member. However, the make-up work must be completed within 60 days of the missed class/exam and it must be documented through attendance roster for that training day(s).

8. Upon completion of the class, the attendance roster will be filed in the student folder and it will contain the sign-in and sign-out time per day per class, and the overall attendance recorded in percentages per class per student per day. Attendance will be tracked through daily rosters filed in the class folders. Simultaneously, an attendance roster for each class will be completed and enclosed in each student folder. This form contains the name of the student, program enrolled in, program beginning date, the date of the report, and all classes attended by the student until the report date with name of the class, beginning and end dates, sign in and sign out times per day of training and overall percentage of class attendance.