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Project Management Specialist Certificate Program

Project Management Specialist Certificate Program

(9 Courses – 27 Semester Credit Hours / 405 clock hours / 9 Months)

This program prepares students for the Project Management certification exam.

Information Technology (IT) Project+
Course ID: ITPM-110
Course Code: 28747
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: The demand for skilled project managers is significant and many companies either preferentially hire or require the IT Project+ certification, including State Farm, COMARK, CompuCom, Cable Express Technologies, EMTEC and Care Call, Inc. Additionally, IT Project+ is also endorsed by the National Skill Standards Board. The CompTIA IT Project+ certification validates your knowledge and abilities as an IT project manager. IT Project+ certification is a vendor-neutral credential recognized worldwide. Having an IT Project+ certification is proof that you have the critical knowledge of business practices, interpersonal skills and project management processes, in addition to the ability to effectively plan, implement and complete IT projects on time and within your budget.

Managing Information Technology (IT) Projects
Course ID: ITPM-120
Course Code: 28456
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: In today’s dynamically changing business environment projects are initiated under tighter budgetary, resource and time constraints than ever before. This seminar will provide the attendees with proven “real life” tools and techniques to be utilized in managing projects in a “multi-project” I.T. environment.

How to Assess & Manage Project Risk
Course ID: ITPM-130
Course Code: 28657
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: Project managers are critically examining their approach to managing risk. To remain competitive, projects cannot afford to set up contingencies or control measures for every conceivable risk. Rather, project managers must adopt a “graded approach” to managing risk. This course builds upon the four-step process for assessing and managing risk, and introduces learners to widely accepted computer-based risk assessment and risk management tools.

Simulation of Real-World Project Management
Course ID: ITPM-140
Course Code: 28090
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: This is a dynamic interactive seminar designed primarily as, but not limited to being, a “cap stone” for the Project Management Certificate program. Working with proprietary simulation software and a case which resolves around an entrepreneurial company, you will be challenged to satisfy the needs to achieve an aggressive time schedule and budget, with limited resources.

Estimating & Managing Project Costs
Course ID: ITPM-150
Course Code: 28987
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: The first step in successfully managing a project’s costs is to have a project budget that realistically reflects the costs for executing the project. This course gives project managers the tools they need to develop reliable cost estimates by assessing necessary project resources, applying one or more cost estimating methods, and adjusting the estimates based on resource availability and project risk. Students are also taught a process for evaluating the quality of cost estimates prepared by others.

Project Procurement & Contract Management
Course ID: ITPM-160
Course Code: 28347
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: This seminar takes a detailed and operational view of the project procurement and contract management process. You will be introduced to the procurement, solicitation, and contract processes as outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)TM. A systematic approach will aid you in developing an in-depth understanding of buyer – seller relationships, direct & indirect costs, preparation of specifications and bids, and the multiple complexities of contract administration.

Project Quality Management
Course ID: ITPM-170
Course Code: 28284
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: This course focuses on the quality of the management process within which projects are undertaken as well as how the project management process impacts the quality of the products or deliverables which are produced. It also provides exposure to the tools, techniques and metrics which can be used to ensure that sufficient quality of process and product are achieved. It includes exercises which allow attendees to assess their organizations’ quality environments and the effectiveness of their organizations’ project management processes.

Managing Project Communication
Course ID: ITPM-180
Course Code: 28179
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: Managing project communications is one of the most important duties of a project manager. Project managers must keep project owners, team members, management, subcontractors, and others informed of project status, while constantly evaluating where the project is and where it is going. This course helps project manager assess their project communication needs, plan for meeting those needs, and effectively communicate project status and forecasts throughout the project life-cycle. The course concludes with a lesson on how to manage project closure.

Effective Project Scheduling & Control
Course ID: ITPM-190
Course Code: 28387
3 Semester Credit Hours / 45 Clock Hours
Description: Today, more and more businesses are focusing on project control as a core competency to deal with shrinking project time-lines and delivering products with limited resources. This fast-paced course, which builds on the skills taught in Principles & Techniques of Project Management, will guide you through a practical, hands-on experience in planning a project. You will practice using the project plan as a “what if” model to answer key questions. You will then learn to use the project plan as a progress reporting tool. You will learn to record actual progress to date, “drill down” to discover variances, and determine if the variances are significant. Prerequisite: To achieve the full benefit of this course, attendees should have either completed the Principles & Techniques of Project Management or have a thorough background in the fundamentals of Project Management as discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Program Prerequisites
There are no prerequisites needed to start this program.

How long is the Entrance Examination?
There is no entrance examination required for the Project Management Specialist program.

Can I transfer any credits into this program?
Yes, you can transfer up to 9 semester credit hours into this program.

How much is the program tuition?
The tuition for the program is $9,450. The tuition includes the following items:
• All textbooks needed for the program
• All supplies needed for the program (notepad, pen, highlighter, pencil)
• Free snacks, coffee, and sodas for the duration of the program
• Free exam voucher towards the Project Management Professional certification exam. The exam voucher expires within one calendar year; however, for successful results, we recommend our students to take the exam within 2-3 weeks of the completion of the program. Please click here for more information the exam requirements.
• Free re-attendance of each course within one calendar year

How much is the application fee?
InovaTech does not charge students an application fee when applying for any of our programs.

What is the pass rate on your certification exams?
We do not have the data to compile an average on the Pass/Fail results of the PMP exam. The exams are administered by the Project Management Institute.

Where will I take the certification exams?
The PMP exam will be administered by the Project Management Institute.

What financial assistance options do you offer?
Please access the Financial Assistance page for detailed information.

To read more about the policies and procedures pertaining to our Certificate Programs >>>click here